This WCB section is focused on compensation issues in the B.C. compensation system. The WCB system changes constantly and the material in this section is meant to supplement on-going training for advocates in this area.  

WCB advocacy training is available (on-line and in person) through

This section also profiles the history of the WCB and assesses its mandate to support and compensate injured workers – financially, medically and vocationally.

Finally, this section highlights the politics of WCB, where employers pay the cost of injuries through WCB assessments and seek to play an over-active role in how the compensation system is defined and operates.  

The material is presented in the following sections: 

  1. Key Resources for Advocates – Quick Reference Guide
  2. Key Resources – Expanded, Examined, Explained
  3. Additional B.C. Resources
  4. Medical Conditions – Research and Expert Evidence
  5. The Compensation System – Rights for Injured Workers
  6. History of B.C. Compensation System 
  7. Workers’ Stories – a bibliography